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Yesterday I went to get my haircut. It was a normal
day, some clouds in the sky and a few people passing
by.  I did not see anything extraordinary. 

The woman who cuts my hair (I don't know her name) was
standing in her beauty shop doorway talking on the phone.

I walked in as she replaced the receiver and I asked her
if she had any time for my haircut. There was no one in the
shop, however it was pushing 4:30 p.m and I did not know
her shop hours or if she waiting for a pre-scheduled 

Soon I was sitting in the big comfortable chair with her pinning
my hair up letting some medium long light auburn locks tickle
my face with the smell of fresh air coming through the door
which mingled with the various scents of a beauty shop.  She smelled of  a light flowery fragrance. I got a whiff of coffee and I began to relax.

She was spraying my hair with some water and combing
through the thickness of my hair.  "It's a shame you want to 
cut this hair," she says.

"My hair is too heavy, " I respond.

"Yes, I see that."  Soon the snipping began.

DID I SAY I was going to bore you with my haircut?

I'm sorry.... this is very important.

We chatted. I asked her how her business was doing.
This was answered with a slight frown, "not too well."
I was looking around, and these were the thoughts that
were pouring through my head. 

I'd been to this woman's shop at least 12 times over the years.
I do not know her name. She has the best prices in town, and
she accepts walk ins. Walk in hair cuts are the only way I fly.
(Getting my hair cut is always a spur of the moment thing for me)

These are the things this woman has never done in those visits.
She has never showed me a GREAT SHAMPOO, or the hottest
conditioner, or showed me earrings that would complement my

This beautician has not once suggested I get a perm, or my
hair highlighted or showed me a colorful barrette to put in my
hair. She is quietly friendly, but has never told me her name.

She does have a few things for sell, on a back wall, which is not easily accessible, in fact, I will bet they are dusty. Nothing 
colorful enough to attract my interest anyway.  Plastic bottles
of what I will guess are shampoo and conditioner.

In other words, I have never been sold anything but a haircut.
I have never filled out a card with my name, phone number or
email address. She has no way to reach me should she suddenly
decide to look at my card and see that it had been a couple
of months since my last cut, to give me a gentle reminder that
my hair needs at least a trim.

This woman is approaching retirement. She has very little
saved up for her future.  (Yes, I found this out because as I 
was told to hold my chin still for the next snip, I just kept 
asking her questions)

I don't need to tell you the questions, but here were her

No, I don't.
No, I have never done that.
No, I'm on a side street.
No, I don't like to push people.
No, I don't have much money to advertise.

My last question.  "Do you have business card?"

Finally, a yes answer. 

Your assignment is to think outside the box and come up
with some ideas to make this woman's business jump off
the wall.

Here is what she has:

It's a small town.  There are four beauty shops in the town
and one a few miles up the road. (more shops than what
should be)  Plus, there are a few beauticians that are in home
moms, that cut hair on the side. 

Her shop is next to the tiny local theatre which gets little
traffic, except when a play  is being cast.  And one block 
down from the only liquor store.  There is plenty of parking. 
And, she is of easy walking distance from one of the two local
pharmacies, and the Sandwich shop "Subway."

Her shop has adequate space, a waiting area, magazines,
haircut books, a computer, a coffee pot and the usual barber
chair, mirrors and stuff like that.  She has a television and
a printer. (There is room for another barber chair.)

Her haircuts are $12.00.  Her competitor's haircuts are
$16.00 to $20.00.  She does not accept credit cards,
but does take checks from those that she knows.
She does not have a website.

She is open from 9 a.m until 6 Tuesday through Saturday.

GET BUSY, and make this woman's business ROCK.

Spend some time and really ponder on this question,
go on, pretend it is your shop.

After you get some ideas... compare them with what I 
came up with:

Go here once you put your thinking cap on.

Shop Talk - Grow Your Business Part Two

We will then take this and see how any of it can compare
with an online business and how you can use both
on and offline advertising to grow your business.


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